Vert Shock The Program That Helps You Jump Higher…My Review!

“If you want to jump higher so you can dunk, block and dominate your opponents then keep reading…”

Hey, what’s up! My name is Allen and I’ve put this website together to help others who have trouble with dunking and increasing their verticle leap like I once did.

I’ve been playing ball since I was a little kid but the one thing I always struggled with was jumping…

I can shoot 3s all day long, hit those jump shots and my D is pretty good but man I barely touch the backboard let alone dunk a ball.

So, that became my main mission – learn how to increase my vertical leap so I could at least touch the rim. But what happened, later on, I never expected…

A little over 8 months ago I could barely tap that backboard, now I can dunk with both hands easily AND block guys way taller than me.

How did manage to do this within 8 months?

No, I didn’t have a growth spurt, I’m still 5 foot 10.

I’ve been following a program called VertShock and it’s totally changed the way I play!

What is The Vert Shock Program?

VertShock ImageVert Shock Vertical Jump Training program is one of the most popular training manuals for those who want to add 9 to 15 inches to their vertical jump within 8 weeks.

Vertical jump is the difference between the highest point you are able to touch from a standing jump and the height you can touch from a standing position, and this should be done without taking any steps before jumping to prevent the individual from converting some of the developed energy in the taken step into the upward lift generated by the force of propulsion.

What is regarded as outstanding is a vertical jump of at least 40 inches, and the techniques for achieving this are revealed in the training manual.

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Who Needs This Program?

Though many outstanding results have been produced by popular basketball players, the vert shock manual is not only meant for basketball players.

Those who can also benefit from the training are baseball players, high jumpers, volleyball players, martial artists, football players, and sprinters.

Though vertical jumps of over 50 inches are extremely rare, you will be taught how to be in the range of what is regarded as a good jump.

For those who want to jump higher so you can dunk or improve your blocking skills then this manual will definitely help!

Inside The Program

3 Phase System

Vert Shock is designed as an 8-week program which is divided into 3 different parts; preshock, shock phase, and post-shock. Each phase has a function to increase your vertical jump.

1. Pre Shock

The pre-shock phase is only lasting for a week. This phase will train you using several exercises as the preparation to shock phase which will be lasting for 6 weeks as the key to this program.

This phase aims to prepare yourself and your muscle which allows you to adjust yourself to the next phase of the workout.

Even though this is only the preparation phase, some people report that they have gained enhancement on vertical jump about 3-5 inch.

2. Shock Phase

On this shock phase, you will get more intensive exercise. Your body will constantly be under pressure in order to train your body for maximizing the result.

On this phase, you are forced to do workout for 4 to 5 days a week with strict exercise.

The aim of these all exercises is to strengthen and activate the fast-twitch muscle fibers on your body which can speed up your program to get maximum movement when doing a vertical jump.

You must follow the instruction that is made by Adam Folker and Justin without choosing what program you will follow or not.

You must follow the instruction to do all the exercises if you want to get the maximum result. If not, you won’t get what you want. In this phase, you will increase your vertical jump at least 7 – 9 inch.

3. Post Shock

This is the last phase. This phase aims to maximize the result from previous phases.

Besides, this phase is also a recovery phase for your body after doing the previous phase.

On the two previous phases, you will get increased on your vertical jump.

While on this phase, you only will do recovery and strengthen. You will also see the result from doing previous phases in this phase.


How does vert shock work

Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

One of the things you will learn is how and why fast-twitch muscle fibers important for vertical jump. The author reveals how the fibers can be used in generating energy from both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism.

In this way, they are a combination of Type I and Type II muscle fibers. Thus, you would be able to produce powerful and quick bursts of speed. You will also learn the secrets of the muscle fiber, which has the highest contraction (rapid firing) rate of all the types of muscle fibers in the body, taking advantage of it to improve your vert shock.

The Secrets of Vertical Jumps

This vertical jump training program also reveals what vertical jumps are all about.

Most people fail in vertical jumping because they have no knowledge of certain things which are needed for good heights in jumping.

For instance, most people believe that the vert shock measurement displays your ability to elevate off the ground from a run-up.

However, this is not the case. To prevent you from inflating your vertical jumps, the author lets you know how to follow the rules to reach your goals.

Muscle Fibers

This is also the right guide if you want to know how to always get explosive performance out of your muscle fibers. Thus, the author reveals what these fibers are and how you can take advantage of them.

He reveals the difference between the slow twitch muscle fibers and the fast twitch muscle fibers, including the one you really need out of the two for your vertical jumping. For instance, the slow twitch muscle fibers slowly contract, while the fast twitch ones contract quickly.

However, how do these affect your vert shock performance?

The guide reveals everything.

The Central Nervous System

The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord, and it is what coordinates and influences the activity of each of the different parts of the body. But how does this affect vertical jumping?

The author of Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training teaches the various methods for producing explosive power through the central nervous system.

You will know how your force output can be increased and then increase the distance over which that force is applied, which means keeping time and force constant.

The central nervous system plays an important role in these two, and the secrets are revealed in the guide.


There are many exercises out there! But which of them really strengthens important muscle fibers to have a higher vertical jump? Most people lack this knowledge.

The good news is that they are all revealed in the vertical jump training guide.

Are deadlifts good exercises?

If they are, how often should you use them in jumping?

If they are not good, what are the alternatives that should be considered for better jumping?

Should deadlifts replace squats? All these questions have been answered in the guide.

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Warm-up Techniques

What are the warm-up techniques for good vertical jumping?

Most people don’t know these. For instance, what is the effectiveness of submaximal jump warm-up, stretching warm-up, weighted jump warm-up, and no warm-up?

Which of these is likely to produce the greatest results in vertical jumping? Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training is popular because the author provides all the answers.

Force Output

How can you increase your force output in vert shock regardless of the sport you play? Before taking off, the use of arm swings and counter-movements of the legs is important because they greatly increase the center of mass rise of the body.

But, how can you use these? Also, what role do the knees play in improving jump height by at least 12%?

How can you increase height by at least 10% through your arms?

These secrets for doing this are also revealed in Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training.

Muscle Imbalance

Muscle imbalance is the front-to-back (agonist versus antagonist) or side-to-side (right versus left) differences in muscle strength and length.

The front-to-back differences are often responsible for most musculoskeletal pain syndromes and could be dangerous to health.

Thus, they affect vertical jumping. One benefit of Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training is that the ways through which muscular imbalances can be fixed are revealed, teaching how to get maximum power, speed, and strength in jumping.

Vert Shock Creator

When many people questioned whether this program will really give you a result or whether this is only a scam to cheat the customer for gaining profit. Then the answer is that you must know the creator behind this program.

Vert Shock is created by two basketball players who are well known enough and have a great track record. They are Adam Folker and Justin Darlington. You will see their profiles on the next part.

  • Adam Folker

Adam Folker is the creator of Vert shock program. He got a great position as the five best young players in Canada when he was at high school. Because of this talent, he got a scholarship on the ada usia University of California Irvine.

Adam then played on Basketball division I at NCAA for UC Irvine and became one of the best players who scored the most on division I of basketball. This achievement made him gained a lot of fans.

Adam Folker In Action

  •  Justin Darlington

Justin Darlington or who is well known called as Just Fly is a legend in dunking.

Comes from Canada, he is the best dunker in the world who can get the 42.3-inch height and shows his talent by gaining various dunk contest included Nike Dunk Contest where he got the winner of Nike best dunker award in 2012.

On a professional basketball game, vertical jumping becomes the most important factor. One of the best NBA players, Blake Griffin, who is known as the best dunker, only get the 37-inch height of a vertical jump. It is very different from Justin Darlington who.can get the 42,3-inch height.

Adam Folker then admired Justin’s talent and adapt his routine exercise into vert shock program which is very helpful for every basketball players who want to increase their vertical jump.

What More?


Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training program comes with many bonuses for buyers. These are some of them:

  1. Jumper’s Diet Checklist – through this guide, you will learn how to maximize performance and maintain it through the right diet.
  2. Five Dirty Hacks to Jumping Higher eBook – if you want to discover many other tricks for jumping higher, this is the right ebook for you.
  3. Four Vertical Jump Killers eBook – there are certain things which prevent higher jumping. You will discover them in this ebook.


The Price

The first time Vert Shock came out, it was sold for $134 for many weeks, and get many positive reviews.

However, because of the protests from those who could not afford that, the author decided to reduce the price to its current one-time price of $67 so that thousands of people could also benefit from the secrets revealed inside.

Money-back Guarantee

There is also a 100% money-back guarantee in case the guide does not meet your expectation. Thus, your investment is secured, and it is even sold through ClickBank, the largest marketplace in the world for digital products.

You are given 60 days to go through the guide and ask for a refund if you are not happy with the product. Therefore, you should get a copy today.

Free eBook

Get Adam folker free vertical jump training ebook “How I added 4 inches to my vertical jump in under an hour” this ebook will teach ‘sneaky’ NBA/NFL pro tricks to increase your vertical jump.

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