Who is Adam Folker the Man Behind Vert Shock Program

Adam Folker is a professional basketball player who made it to the professional level after having distinguished himself in the sport.

He created the Vert Shock program, the best training guide for improving vertical jumping. He created the guide to help millions of people, both those who play at least a king of sport and those who just love exercises as a hobby.

But, what is vertical jumping, and how has Adam helped thousands of people to achieve their goals?

Vertical Jumping

Vertical jumping is lifting the body by first squatting down and then jumping up as high as you can, with your arms fully extended.

The height of the vertical jump is then measured by comparing the height reached with the arm extended before standing to the point reached after jumping.

This is an exercise that has a lot of health benefits, and with a guide released by Adam Folker, many people can benefit from the jump.

Teaching from Experience

Adam Folkercreated Vert Shocker to teach people from his own experiences.

Through relentless effort over many years, he made it to the professional level, and the first time he measured his vertical jump, the maximum he could achieve was just 14 inches. He was not an athletic guy when he was young, with friends sometimes making fun of him as being the only person who was not into sports.

But after some years, the whole story had changed.

When he started playing, he used to do that in his older brother’s team and he was the only person who could not dunk in warm-ups, even though Adam was one of the tallest. However, with dedication, he reached senior year in high school, scoring many times in every game.

Good Results from Vertical Jump Training

Adam had reached 32 inches by the time he graduated from high school, dunking in every game he played, even becoming one of the highest scorers in the nation’s Division 1.

The achievement in dunking made him be popular, loved by many fans. On many occasions, many fans only attended games if Adam would play.

His popularity later earned him a full scholarship to the University of California Irvine. Over the years, he has been able to work with many popular basketball coaches.

The Creation of Vert Shock

Vert Shock Training Program by Adam Folker teaches how to improve vertical jumping by simply following certain simple steps. The author divides the training into 3 phases.

The Pre-Shock Phase teaches you how to have an increase in your vertical jump by up 3 to 5 inches within 7 days. Mastering this level easily gets you prepared for the Shock Phase.

This is a 6-week training that enables you to take advantage of the central nervous system to further improve your vertical jump.

Post-Shock Phase is the last one, which is a full week training in which the body gets used to the previous phases, storing the techniques in the memory of the muscles so that you would maintain the ability.