How to Increase Vertical Jump?

Height is what matters in basketball. But, if you are not the tallest person in the team, you can improve your reach by adding a few inches in your vertical jumps. To do this, you need to exercise a lot. By determination is not the only thing that’s important. It is even more crucial to … Read more

Improving Vertical Jump with 4 Exercises

Jumping is an essential part of basketball. Without good vertical jumping abilities, you probably aren’t gonna make a lot of your basketball career. However, if you are bad at this, there’s no need to feel bad as improving vert jumping is actually not that hard. It is a widespread opinion that good vertical jumping ability … Read more

Fat Burning to Maximize Vertical Jump

If excessive weight was what’s been pulling you down, you might wanna think about losing it in order to improve your vertical jump. However, you need to be careful about the weight loss programs. You need one that will help you get rid of the fat, while simultaneously help you build muscle mass. After all, … Read more

Improve Vertical Jump with Vert Shock

Vert Shock is a vertical jump training program created by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington to assist in enhancing the total efficiency of vertical soar in competition and sports activities. It contains more than 35 coaching videos, checklists, daily printable schedules and bonus contents that, if used correctly, would help the user to improve his … Read more