Improve Vertical Jump with Vert Shock

Vert Shock is a vertical jump training program created by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington to assist in enhancing the total efficiency of vertical soar in competition and sports activities.

It contains more than 35 coaching videos, checklists, daily printable schedules and bonus contents that, if used correctly, would help the user to improve his jumps within 8 weeks without the use of expensive gear, without the need to spend hours doing workouts or the need to go to the fitness center.

It teaches how to use long thigh bones, long Achilles tendons and high muscle attachment points in transferring forces very efficiently. Therefore, through each unit of force developed, a lot is transferred into the ground.

How to Improve Your Vertical Jump

To improve vertical jump, the authors of Vert Shock divided the course into 3 parts, which are briefly discussed below:


This is the stage in which you will learn how to condition your body in a way that it becomes ready for more rigorous exercises involved in the next stage. A week needs to be spent at this stage, preparing the body for a high jump. Some people have been able to have 3 to 5 inches more by following the instructions for this stage in Vert Shock.

Shock phase

With Vert Shock, you need to spend about 6 weeks at this stage, training and optimizing the nervous system for a higher jump.

The maximum force is exerted by the muscles in short time intervals so as to increase both speed and power. You would extend your muscles to a contraction in an explosive or rapid manner so that on landing, an impact would be experienced by the body.

Post-Shock Phase

At this last stage, Vert Shock teaches how the body is to be prepared for landing after the jump.

As the height of the step-off platform is directly proportional to the impact force on landing, a shock would be created to the body. The body then responds to this shock by undergoing a strong involuntary muscular contraction, thus preventing a collapse on the ground.

Great tension is then produced in the muscles and tendons to give back a return upward movement. Here, the rapidness of the change in the muscular contractions is directly proportional to the power created and the resulting height attained.

Good Diet

Another way Vert Shock helps you to improve vertical jump is that it reveals the type of foods you need to always eat. For instance, it reveals the right proportion of protein and carbohydrates that you need to eat. For instance, the body needs a good protein to calorie ratio to achieve gaining lean muscle mass without the buildup of excessive fat.

However, most diets do not have the right ratio. Vert Shock really solves this problem, telling you what to do.


Vert Shock makes you work stronger and work harder instead of working longer. The efficiency of movement relies on coordination and the ability of the athlete to optimally carry out a movement.

However, the vertical jump is only influenced by body-fat and coordination with the feet.